Following a long and tiring day in the fields , the bull , exahausted , returned to the stable , panting . weak from fatigue , the bull collapsed on the ground , moaning in complaints . Watching , the donkey said to the bull : " What is the matter , my friend ? You are in really deplorable state " . The bull replied : " I am exahausted. The fields are vast and the farmer is without pity".
The donkey advised the bull not to accept work like a slave or , at least , to try and avoid working. The bull reminded the donkey that it was difficult to stand up against the man who exploits the animals. " Man will not hesitate to get rid of an inactive and unproductive animal . To fake it and avoid work! How to do it
The donkey suggested : " Pretend you are ill. Do not eat. Do not drink . You will be really ill " . " When he notices that you are incapable of even standing .. or moving , our master will let you rest ". The master who understand the language of animals , heard the conversation between the donkey and the bull.

The next morning , carrying his personal things in a bag, the farmer went to the stable . He found the bull lying on the ground . The animal , exausted and looking ill, was moaning in pain . Leaving the bull, the man approashed the astonished donkey , took hold of him and took him in a docile way to the fields. Buckled to the heavy blough , the donkey worked laboriously the vast fields throughout the day.

When night fell, breathless and extremely tired, the donkey returned to the stable, where the bull was resting . The bull , obviously less tired after a full day of rest , enquired with the donkey on how did he manage. The donkey replied : " My friend , I have some alarming news " . I heard our master say : " If the bull is not in shape by tomorrow , I will have to cut his throat " . As such I advise you to eat well , regain your strength, lest you will face some misfortune " . The bull followed the advice of the friend who said " we should not occupy ourselves with the affairs of others ".

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