Layla was a beautiful , polite and obedient little girl . However , she had one major flaw in her personality. Layla was lazy and she detested work . She did do her homeworks nor studied her lessons . On account of her low grades , Layla was constantly scolded by her mother . In addition to her mother , Layla was scolded and punished by her teacher for not making any efforts to study.

Unfortunately , Laylas passed her time playing in the garden , building sandcastles and picking flowers. One day, as Layla went to the garden , she noticed a pile of dry straws. As she moved closer , she noticed a lot of grains spread in the sun and an army of busy ants . She asked an ant : " What are you doing there , little ant ? " . " I am preparing provisions for winter . Then , all of us ants will put them in our ant-hill " , said the ant . "The task is difficult and we are small , but we are active and perservering " , the ant continued.

Layla said : " I have to strain myself ; my father brings us food and takes care of us ". Layla continued : ” In winter , our houses , made of solid stones , protects us from the cold wind and rain . I don't have to work nor tire myself ". " You lazy little girl " , said the ant , " you seem to lack a lot of experience " . The ant continued , " Nothing comes without effort and hard work . While you play in the garden , your father sweats and works " . What if your father falls sick ? ... I dout if you would enjoy yourself , like you do now , " said the ant . " I believe we feel more pleasure when we have worked hard. Then, rest is worth it " .

Throughout the conversation , Layla was intently listening and was convencied of the ants words . Hurriedly , she went back to the house . Layla sat at her table ansd started to study. She worked very hard for a full mounth. As a consequence of her hard work , Layla passed the exams . Her parents and her teacher were quiet pleased . From that day on , and thanks to the words of the ant , Layla became industrious in her studies.