The lion

    The old lion was dead. Now, a young lion would have to take his place. He was strong, savage and proud. He was waiting for the gifts from other animals.
All the animals brought their

gifts. The gazelles gave him fresh food. The monkeys gave him a crown of coloured branches. Last of all come a big number of mice. Each mouse held a grain of corn.
The king was angry because the grain of corn was not a suitable gift for a king. The king of the jungle roared. So the mice ran away in terror. They dropped the grain as they escaped.
Then spring came and the rain fell down. The worm sun helped the grain to grow. By summer, the yellow corn was so tall that it covered the vast open spaces round the lion’s den.
One day, the hunters shot the lion and wounded him. The lion dragged his tired mass and hid inside the tall branches of the corn. The hunters could not see him. At last, they gave up the chase. In fact, the small gift of the mice saved his life.
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